boiler_unvented.jpgOne of the highest performing methods of heating water from a cold mains supply is an Unvented Mains Pressure System, requiring the use of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders.


Unvented Hot Water Cylinders offer many advantages. They are completely closed systems, and not open to the air. Because of this, they heat water contained within them much quicker than vented cylinders. This makes them a very efficient means of storing and distributing hot water around the home.


As water is supplied from the mains (and not via any mains storage tank) pressure within this kind of system is much higher. Pressure cannot escape, meaning increased water flow from your taps and showers. Common materials used for unvented hot water cylinders include copper, low carbon steel and stainless steel. Capacities range from 125 – 310 litres and they are capable of withstanding pressures of up to 10 bar.


Using an unvented hot water cylinder means:

  • More loft space - no need for a cold water storage tank
  • No pumps required – the system delivers high pressure water
  • Better temperature control – stable pressure throughout
  • Quicker to fit







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